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Impact Protection


Flood Protection

Tamper Resistance


Factory Form

Keep Water Safe Welldome

Reinforced Concrete Protection


Well Casings are damaged by cars, recreation vehicles, snow plows, even lawn mowers.  

Our Standard Model Well Dome offers ventilated heavy protection.   

Water Intrusion

The Well Dome model for Flood Safety with  baffle and check valve, closes off ventilation

when rising water enters the vent.  When flood water subsides, the baffle drops  and normal ventilation resumes.


Our standard model STOPS unauthorized  persons from tampering with your well.

 Cut-away model pictured above shows 

 ventilation channel with three 90 degree angles to resist injection of foreign material. 

Well Dome


can be finished with paint, stain or stone to suit your environment.


A VANDAL with a box wrench can access your unprotected well. Damage can go unnoticed until water testing reveals contamination. With increasing concern for water-source protection, considerable money is being spent on fencing and surveillance. Why watch a recording of vandalism when you can prevent it in the first place? 

Removable Top Model

Well Dome is Maintenance Free

Once set in place, the Well Dome requires no ongoing maintenance. In the event of a well pump problem, the Well Dome can easily be lifted off by the well pump installer or other trained hydraulic operator.

Well Domes is developed in Massachusetts by a certified Water Operator, 

former Water Commissioner and Public Water Supply owner to overcome 

drinking water contamination due to well casing damage  What he now knows... It Works!!


This product is covered by one or more of the following patents: Patent Nos. 9,366,102 & 9,617,817

Other Patents are pending


Our model for observation wells

offers impact protection and sustainability

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