Well Dome Flood Protection Model

Quarter Section Model showing Ventilation  Channel with Baffle and Check Valve.        When water enters the ventilation channel,  

 the baffle rises to close the check valve.    When  flood water recedes, the baffle drops,  the check valve reopens and normal ventilation  resumes. 

 ​    No maintenance is required.


 Additionally, the screw-in cap can  be tightened to manually close off the vent. 

For flood protection, Well Dome must be sealed to a poured base.  Please see Installation video on Standard Model page


Height 44"                                Height 32"

Top Diameter 34"                   Top Diameter 18"

​Bottom Diameter 42"            Bottom Diameter 22"

Accommodates 10" well casing with standard top

Our Flood Protection Model Well Dome weighs 1.64 TN and offers considerable impact protection  

Factory Form for Flood Protection Well Dome

FYI  Please check out the US EPA link below

to learn how floods affect water wells.

​"Flood Conditions at the Well - Swiftly moving flood water can carry large debris that could loosen well hardware, dislodge well construction materials or distort casing."  ... "People drinking or washing with water from a private well that has been flooded will risk getting sick."  US EPA 

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