​Vital Surface Protection for your Well

 WELL DOME     is effective against impact  and vandalism when simply lowered to the  ground over your well.

 For direct on-ground installation we  recommend placing over welded wire  screen to discourage burrowing  animals from penetrating the chamber.

 To be effective against flood water         

 any Well Dome should be sealed to  a concrete base poured around the well  casing.  Septic tank grade sealant placed  on the base before lowering the WellDome  in place will prevent water intrusion at the  base. This Standard Model offers some  passive protection against flood water    due to the height of the ventilation intake  opening.  


​ see our dedicated Flood Protection Model


Height 38"                      Height 30"

​Top Diameter 29"          Top Diameter 14"

​Bottom Diameter 35"     Bottom Diameter 20"


Well Casings are especially vulnerable to damage when near streets, parking lots, and loading docks. 

Our Standard Model Well Dome  weighs 0.97 TN and offers considerable impact protection for your well.


 Well Dome
​Vital Surface Protection for your Well

Section Model showing Interior Chamber, Rodent-resistant Ventilation, Lift Hook, and Lifting Channel

​Accommodates 6" diameter

well casing with standard top

WEll Dome

Wire Reinforced Construction



 Standard Model

Exterior                  Interior cavity

​A well damaged during the harsh winter of 2015, repaired and now protected from further damage. 

Impact protection

Reinforced Concrete Protection

 Laying down ​sealant over              

Preparing the Well Dome form for concrete pour

 How Damage occurs


 optional poured concrete pad